When you’re looking for a different way to smoke or satisfy a craving, there are plenty of options available. Cajun Smoke carries a wide range of hookahs and vapes. While a hookah uses moist tobacco, a vaporizer doesn’t require tobacco at all.

Our hookahs consist of a head, water bowl and hose with a mouthpiece. We carry the pipes, as well as the accessories, including:

Mouth tips

We carry Shisha brand hookahs with one or two holes. Get the accessories you need for your hookah at Cajun Smoke today.

We have all the vape accessories you need

When it comes to vaporizers, there are always new products coming onto the market. Cajun Smoke carries all the latest and greatest options, including dry and wet vapes, coils, chargers and flavored oils. You’ll find the popular This Thing Rips vape, which uses a ceramic coil instead of a metal coil. If you don’t find your favorite flavor, we’ll order it.

Visit Cajun Smoke today for vapes and vape accessories.